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Innovations in EDA: System-Level Design & Verification for Advanced Satellite Comms

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Why this webcast is important:
A new generation of satellite-based communications payloads is being deployed for video, data, telemetry, and navigation services, for both commercial and military applications. With increases in physical layer (PHY) complexity, spectral efficiency, and throughput data rates, satellite systems face new pressures in coordinating signal processing algorithms, analog performance, reliability, and cost to achieve link-level performance.

This webcast will survey new options for an integrated top-down system-level approach for Baseband-RF co-design. To facilitate early system R&D validation, several essential capabilities are explored: system modeling and RF architectural elements such as complex, high-power TWTA; system baseband/FPGA architectural elements such as timing synchronization, frequency-error compensation and phase-error correction; emerging Standards references; generation of complex virtual environments including channel conditions, interference and noise; test vector generation; and accurate measurements of BER, FER and sensitivity.

Who should attend:
By attending this free webcast, Communications System Architects, Baseband modelers, RF component designers, and System Verifiers in Wireless and Defense R&D will gain new insights for the design & verification of next generation systems at the physical layer. 

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System-level Design & Verification for Advanced Satellite Comms 
This Innovations in EDA presentation surveys new options for an integrated top-down system-level approach for Baseband-RF co-design.

Présentation de séminaire 2012-06-07