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N3525A ADS Fundamentals

3   Jours | Formation en classe | Où et quand | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Technical staff working in either the circuit or system level design environment and want a comprehensive overview of the Advanced Design System software for RF Board, MMIC, RFIC, and similar technologies.

Keysight Technologies offers a medium-paced, 3-day, detailed introduction to the application of Advanced Design System for communication systems and circuit designs. This course instructs designers on the ADS workspace/library structure, schematic capture, the proper application of a wide variety of simulators, and the display and manipulation of results. After a brief study of ADS basic operation, students design and test amplifier and filter circuits that are placed afterwards in a down-converting receiver system for final simulation. The use of real-world examples are employed so that designers can return to their jobs ready to effectively apply ADS to their design challenges.


What you will Learn:

• Efficient operation of the ADS user-interface

• Use of ADS built-in design examples and Design Guides

• Fast and efficient schematic capture

• Simulation using: DC, AC, S-parameter, Transient, Harmonic Balance, and Circuit Envelope

• Optimization and Tuning

• Control and display of simulation data and measurement equations

• Use of various sources, including modulated sources such as CDMA and GSM

• Use of ADS Momentum (EM)

• Use of the ADS Layout tools

• Sub-circuit and hierarchy creation

• Plus a wide variety of tips and techniques that apply to all RF, Microwave, and RFIC designs, including amplifiers, filters, mixers, and oscillators.



  • Familiarity with basic RF and microwave concepts and PC experience


  • DAY ONE – N3525A1: Workspaces and Simulation Tools
    • Using the Workspace
    • Libraries, Models and Data
    • Linear Simulation Tools
    • Non-Linear Simulation Tools
  • DAY TWO – N3525A2: Layout in ADS
    • Introduction to ADS Architecture
    • Layout Basics
    • Interconnect Design
    • Design Synchronization
    • RF Board Design Flow Example
  •  DAY THREE – N3525A3: 3D EM Simulation Basics
    • Brief overview of Momentum and FEM
    • Integrated GUI for all EM Simulators in ADS
    • Defining Substrates
    • Creating and Simulating EM Models
    • Understanding Momentum Ports
    • Understanding Meshing Controls for Momentum
    • Introduction to EM Components and Cosimulation
    • Post Processing Currents, Near and Far Fields
    • Momentum Microwave (MomUW) vs. Momentum RF (MomRF)

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