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Case Study: Overcoming Return-path Discontinuity in DDR3/GDDR5 Memory Controller Packages

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Why this Webcast is important
DDR3 and GDDR3/5 memory technology running in the Giga-bit range require 3D EM accurate modeling of RF phenomena such as the impact of GND-PTH stitches (Ground Plated Through Hole) used to connect reference ground-planes in the Memory controller packages (MCH-PKG). Cost-reduction requires minimizing the number of layers and vias on MCH-PKG (micro-vias and PTH). Layout-Designers usually revert to reduce the GND-PTH without studying the impact on the performance. In this webcast, Method of Moments (MoM) is used to study the impact of GND-PTH on data eye-opening as well as on Radiated-Emission of a DDR3 two-SODIMMs/channel running at 1.33GB/s.

Who should view this Webcast 
Signal integrity engineers and high speed digital engineers of multigigabit links who are running into effects previously only seen in RF and microwave circuits.


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Overcoming Return-Path-Discontinuity in DDR3 and GDDR5 Memory-Controller Packages 
A day in the life of a Memory Architect.

Présentation de séminaire 2011-10-24