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Astonishing Enhancements to Signal Integrity EDA Tools Using Video Game 3D Glasses and GPUs

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Why this Presentation is Important:
In a close and wide-ranging collaboration Agilent and NVIDIA engineers have combined signal integrity EDA tools with 3D glasses and GPUs originally built for video games to produce insights needed for the next generation of NVIDIA chips. In this webcast you’ll learn how you too can benefit from this virtuous circle of better hardware helping EDA tools run better, and better EDA tools helping design even better hardware. We’ll show you how NVIDIA benefits from massively parallel EM and circuit simulation by running Advanced Design System on PCs with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, and how 3D visualization of EM fields gives better insight – literally – into EMC/EMI issues.

Who Should Attend:
Signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI engineers for multigigabit chip-to-chip links who are running into effects previously only seen in RF and microwave circuits.

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