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H7215A/B-169 Spectrum Analysis Measurements One-Day Course

1   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When

Audience: Test Engineers, Technicians and Managers who are using spectrum analyzers.

This one-day course is designed to provide the theoretical fundamentals and in depth hands-on experience on practical spectrum analysis measurements. The content is focused on the X-Series spectrum analyzers, MXA N9020A and EXA N9010A. This course will briefly cover our high performance spectrum analyzer PSA E4440A.

What you will Learn

  • Gain basic operation skills for the X-Series and PSA Spectrum Analyzers
  • Understand the fundamental block diagram and technical specifications of a spectrum analyzer
  • Understand dynamic range considerations
  • Gain experience evaluating measurement accuracy
  • Practical lab experience


  • None


  • Spectrum analyzer fundamentals
  • Sensitivity, resolution, accuracy
  • Block diagram
  • Demonstrations of spectrum analyzer theoretical concepts
    • Tune, zoom, measure
    • Resolving equal and unequal amplitude signals
    • Noise sidebands
    • Measurement of small signals
    • Dynamic range analysis
  • Spectrum, modulation, S/N measurements and more
  • Measurement uncertainties and errors
  • Demonstrations of modulation measurements
    • AM/FM measurements
    • AM/FM demodulation
    • Pulsed RF measurements
  • Simplifying complex measurements

Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

Spectrum Analysis 
Spectrum Analysis

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