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H7216X-100 GSM Basics

1   Day | Classroom Training | Where & When

Audience: Engineers and technicians who work in GSM.

The course gives an overview of the development of GSM up to the present day, the network infrastructure and the physical parameters of the system.

What you will Learn

  • GSM Network, cell & Sectors
  • Hand-offs
  • Control Channels
  • Traffic Channels
  • Vocoders & Error Correction
  • Bursted transmissions
  • Transmitter Measurement
  • Receiver Measurement


  • Students should have an understanding of electronic basics and of RF measurements.


  • The GSM Networks looks at:
    • Network Components
    • Cells and sectors
    • Frequency planning
    • Hand-off techniques
    • Power Control
  • The Air Interface explores:
    • GSM Implementation
    • Power versus Time
    • Frames and data Formatting
    • Paging and Call Origination
  • The Signal Path from the microphone to the antenna is explained:
    • Vocoder
    • Channel Coder
    • Interleaving
    • Modulation
    • Transmission

Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

GSM Basics - Course Overview 
This is an education datasheet for the GSM Basics course.

Data Sheet 2014-07-31