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H7230A #650 H7230A #650 TS Family/TestExec SL Advanced Class

5   Day | Classroom Training | Where & When

Class Date Location
TS Family/Test/Exec SL Advanced Class Dec 10 - 14, 2018 Novi, MI

Audience: Electronic Control Unit(ECU) Test Engineers and Integrators

What you will Learn

Advanced topics for TS Family / TestExec SL products
Attendees will learn advanced topics for developing TS Family automated functional test applications.


H7230A #600 TS Family / TestExec SL Developers Class. Experience using instrumentation and test systems based on PXI and GPIB. Experience with C Language and Visual Basic programming.


1. TS-5400 Switching Topologies – Overview of switching topology layers, system configurations, and the switch manager.
2. C-Language Action Development – Use of the Action Wizard to construct software actions, calls to instrument handlers.
3. Adding a VXI Plug&Play hander and C-language actions – Discussion of what VXI Plug&Play drivers are, how TestExec SL uses them, how to call them from instrument actions.
4. Adding Message Based Instruments – Use of TS-5400 software handlers and actions to control any VXI or GPIB message-based instrument. Creating new instrument actions from existing TS-5400 actions.
5. TS-5400 Instrument Handlers – Detailed discussion of the low-level TS-5400 C-language instrument handlers. Learn how to create a new instrument or switching handler from scratch.
6. Creating custom Operator User Interfaces using Visual Basic – Detailed discussion of the ActiveX Server and Client for TestExec SL. Review of example TS-5400 VB OPUI’s.
7. Communicating with Factory Automation Systems – Overview of communication between TestExec SL handlers and the Visual Basic Operator Interface for purposes of controlling digital I/O. Handling inputs, outputs, and events in the operator interface prior to test plan execution. Support for Barcode Readers.

Where & When

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US$ 3,297 2018-12-10 — 2018-12-14 Novi, MI  How to Enroll

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