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Advances in High Power RF Design Webcast

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High power RF design has long been considered "Black Magic"; an art rather than a science. Advances in key technologies and simulation tools have allowed engineers to disprove this myth and establish a new standard of expectations for the industry. It was not uncommon for an RF engineer to spend hours in the lab tuning an amplifier module with his kit of ATC capacitor sticks, foil tape, and an x-acto knife. Looking to compensate for parasitic elements and poor or non-existent device models, trial and error was the norm to get a working design. First pass success was only an elusive dream. Hybrid active loadpull systems, 3DEM simulations and better device models are allowing RF engineers to move into the virtual world, evaluating circuit designs and advanced architectures in simulation before narrowing down on the one design to prototype.

This webcast will show an overview of these challenges and the solutions provided by utilizing the advancements in key technologies and simulation tools. To facilitate this point, we will demonstrate a high power device model in simulation and determine optimum harmonic impedances. The simulated characterization will be compared to actual device loadpull and a matching circuit will be designed using EM simulation. Finally, 3DEM tools will be discussed as enabling the next generation of high power designs where integration is key.


For high power RF design engineers who want to learn a more scientific approach to design using simulation tools and advancements in key technologies.


Munawar Kermalli, Principal Engineer at Huawei

Munawar Kermalli is a Principal Engineer at Futurewei Technologies, the American R&D subsidiary of Huawei, where he is responsible for advancing the RF capabilities of Huawei by providing thought leadership and researching novel new architectures. Before joining Huawei, Munawar was with Lucent Technologies in various capacities, including technical manager of an RF design group, lead researcher of a transceiver forward looking research group, RF specification engineer and RF architect of radio and amplifiers in the base station, and lead RF researcher for a novel PA architecture. Prior to Lucent, Munawar was with MPD Technologies, where he started his RF career working on high power amplifier designs, including MPD's first CDMA amplifier and first PCS feedforward amplifier. Munawar holds several granted patents and several more that are pending. He was an inducted member of the Alcatel Lucent Technical Academy, recipient of the Huawei Most Valuable Innovation Project, Bell Lab's Silver Award and Teamwork Award, Wireless Design & Development Award for CDMA BTS Amplifier and several others. He received his BSEE, summa cum laude from NYU - Polytechnic School of Engineering in 1993 and his MSEE in 1996 and is a member of Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi national honor societies. Munawar Kermalli recently became a Keysight Certified Expert.

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