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H7216A/B-110 Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals

1   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Managers and engineers with fundamental knowledge of RF and digital communications, who are new to Bluetooth and want to get a technical overview about the Bluetooth system.

Bluetooth® is an open standard for speech and data transmission. Besides the applications for this new technology, e.g. the wireless connection between mobile station and terminal equipment, also the structure of the Bluetooth system architecture is presented. The set-up of so-called shortrange ad hoc networks (piconets and scatternets) will be introduced.

The participant gets to know the used transmission principle over the air interface and the Bluetooth RF test requirements. Also, the used protocol architecture for Bluetooth will be discussed. Furthermore, basic procedures in this system, e.g. security functions (authentication, ciphering) access procedures (inquiry, paging) and connection set-up are presented.

Bluetooth and the Bluetooth logos are trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to Keysight Technologies, Inc.

What you will Learn

  • An overview of Bluetooth qualification
  • Advantages and limits of Bluetooth - a comparison
  • Bluetooth system architecture
  • Development and standardization of Bluetooth
  • Application fields for Bluetooth


  • Basic knowledge of telecommunications


  • Short introduction of wireless communications
  • Applications of Bluetooth technology
  • Development and standardization
  • Transmission principles
  • Air interface testing requirements
  • Channel and packet definitions
  • Overview of Bluetooth qualification
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Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals - Course Overview 
This is a 2-page, black and white course overview of Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals. Learn the Bluetooth technology as a new technique for wireless communication.

Data Sheet 2014-07-31