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H7220A-105 SPECS User Training

4   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When

Audience: This training course is designed for all Keysight 4070 and 4080 users.

Parametric test engineers:

Learn to quickly develop and run SPECS test plans to obtain semiconductor parametric information. Intensive hands-on labs guide you through all the fundamental concepts from creating quick, manual single-device tests to complex ones using fully-automated probers. Learn to use shortcuts and other techniques to save time and effort.

Advanced topics include tailoring SPECS to your company's unique wafer flow, customizing the operator interface, and implementing true "lights out" testing.

Course Type User

What you will Learn

  • Develop and run test plans
  • Create and install custom measurement algorithms
  • Perform interactive or automated device tests
  • Run complete wafer tests
  • Extract and analyze measured data


  • Familiarity with BASIC/UX, C language, and the HP-UX environment.


  • Day 1
    • Introducing SPECS
    • Developing Algorith Libraries
    • Creating Test Plans
  • Day 2
    • Creating Test Plans (Cont.)
    • Test Plan Execution with the HPSTD Framework
    • Viewing Test Data
  • Day 3
    • Creating Limit Files
    • Test Plan Language
    • Customizing Frameworks
  • Day 4
    • Framework Algorithms
    • Developing Framework Panels

Where & When

Price Date(s) Location Phone For more information
US$ 3,030 2020-02-25 — 2020-02-28 Santa Clara, CA - Keysight Technologies  +1 877 894-4414 How to Enroll
US$ 3,030 2020-08-18 — 2020-08-21 Santa Clara, CA - Keysight Technologies  +1 877 894-4414 How to Enroll

Prices shown are list prices and are subject to change without notice.