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Debug/Validate High Speed Digital Automotive Interfaces Seminar Novi, MI Nov 28
54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention Tradeshow Washington, DC Nov 28-30
2017 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting & Exhibition Tradeshow Boston, MA Nov 28-30
Signal Generation and Digital Modulation Fundamentals Webcast At your PC  Dec 6
Characterization and Compliance Testing for 400G/PAM4 Designs  Webcast At your PC Dec 6
Optimize Your Battery Management System Webcast  Webcast Dec 6 
Ixia Cellular and Wi-Fi Multimode for Automotive Applications Seminar Novi, MI Dec 12
Mastering Noise Figure Measurements  Webcast At your PC Dec 14
JANUARY - 2018
Automotive Ethernet Debug and Compliance Seminar Novi, MI Jan 9
What’s New In ADS 2017 Webcast At your PC Jan 11
RF Back to Basics Seminar Seminar Santa Clara, CA Jan 11
Advanced Techniques for Validating PCI Express 4.0 Transmitters and Receivers Webcast At your PC Jan 17
Keysight EEsof – High Speed Power Electronics Seminar Novi, MI Jan 23
Detect and Troubleshoot Interference in Modern RF/MW Communication Systems  Webcast At your PC Jan 24
Device and Material Characterization from DC to Millimeter-wave and THz  Webcast At your PC Feb 7
RF & Microwave Component Measurement Fundamentals Webcast At your PC Feb 14
Power Converter Design and Test Workshop Seminar Novi, MI Feb 13
Keysight EEsof – Understanding the Power Integrity Ecosystem Seminar Novi, MI Feb 27
EMC Compliance and the Connected Car Seminar Novi, MI Mar 13
Emitter Location Technologies for use against Modern Non-cooperative Signals Webcast At your PC Mar 14
Automotive Radar Testing Seminar Novi, MI Mar 27
Making Accurate Signal Integrity Measurements using a Vector Network Analyzer Webcast At your PC Apr 18
Modern Network Analyzer Calibration Techniques  Webcast At your PC May 9
Phase Noise Measurement Fundamentals Webcast At your PC May 16
Power Integrity – Troubleshooting Techniques to Identify and Solve Power Integrity Problems Webcast At your PC Jun 13
Selecting the Right Oscilloscope Probe for Your Application Webcast At your PC Jul 18
Techniques for Component Characterization at Millimeter Wave Frequencies Webcast At your PC Aug 15
400/CEI 4.0 Characterization and Compliance testing – Time to get Serious! Webcast At your PC Sep 12
Terabit Communication Research with an Oscilloscope and Optical Modulation Analyzer Webcast At your PC Oct 17


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