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H7216X-211 3G Technology Overview - IS-2000

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Audience: All technical employees who need to have a background on CDMA technology

This course is an overview of the IS-2000 CDMA system developed by the TIA TR-45.5 sub-committee that has been accepted as a part of the ITU IMT-2000 international wireless communication system. It seeks to outline some of the key aspects and technologies set forth in this standard. This CDMA, direct sequence spread spectrum system is an advanced derivative of the TIA/EIA-95-B CDMA system that is currently deployed around the world.

What you will Learn

  • IS2000 concepts and enhancements
  • IS2000 Spread Rates, Radio Configurations
  • Forward and reverse channels physical layers and functions
  • Transmit diversity
  • Variable length coding, HPSK modulation, Turbo codes, power control
  • Introduction to 1xEvDO/DV


  • Basic understanding of wireless communication technologies and IS-95 system


  • IS2000
    • Improvements and enhancements compared to IS95
    • IS2000 terms and definitions
    • SR1 forward and reverse configurations
    • Variable rate Walsh coding, Quasi-orthogonal codes, Turbo coding
    • Data rate scheduling and Orthogonal transmit diversity
    • SR1 forward and reverse logical channels
    • Access procedures, open loop power control
    • HPSK modulation; effects and benefits of HPSK modulation
  • 1x EvDO/DV
    • Why another format
    • Data rates, soft handoff in 1xEvDO/DV, forward link, frame structure, and puncturing patterns
    • Control channel, coding example, higher rate modulation, early termination, and reverse link coding
  • For complete course details, click on the Education Datasheet below

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3G Technology - IS2000 

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