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H7216X-207 IP and VoIP

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Audience: People who are involved in sales, marketing support, or technical support; professionals involved in telecom equipment manufacturing; or professionals working in the field of VoIP development.

This course explains the technical challenges of transporting highly compressed packetized voice and its possible solutions.

What you will Learn

  • This course will provide a thorough coverage of VoIP and its implementation in a communication network.


  • Participants should have some knowledge on SS7, ISDN, and TCP/IP


  • Introduction to TCP/IP and its related protocol
  • Essentials of VoIP Network
  • PSTN features and architecture
  • Interworking of IP with PSTN
  • Introduction to Voice Network and SS7
  • H.323 standard
  • Capability exchanges between terminals
  • Real time Transport Protocol
  • SIP and MGCP details
  • Media Gateways, Gatekeeper, IP telephony, and SS7/IP server
  • Interworking issues in VoIP
  • Testing VoIP network
  • VoIP future