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Automotive Digital and Wireless Insights

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Automotive Digital and Wireless Insights – Full Day Agenda
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Welcome & Overview – Keysight
Road to Autonomous Vehicle — Automotive Ethernet Testing
Networking and Refreshment Break
Test Challenges of eCall and ERA-GLONASS
Lunch Break
Challenges & Solutions for V2X Communications Testing
Networking and Refreshment Break
Challenges and Solutions of Advanced Automotive Radar Design
Networking and Refreshment Break
Hands-on Workshop and Demonstration

Papers & Abstracts

Welcome & Opening: Keysight Automotive Test Solutions Seminar

“Insights into powerful innovations for automobile testing”

From Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Our expertise across the many technologies now combined into advanced vehicles helps you design and manufacture your current and future products faster.

We provide powerful test and measurement solutions to advance the electrification of the automobile and accelerate innovation in autonomous vehicles, connected cars, and power efficiency.

Road to Autonomous Vehicle - Automotive Ethernet Testing

“Insights into high speed digital characterization”

Automotive Ethernet is increasingly more important as a backbone to a car's communication network. Safety standards and increased consumer communication demands require the automotive industry to add more applications with ever-increasing complexity for connectivity to networks. Car manufacturers, OEMs, and chipset vendors in the automotive industry are looking to Automotive Ethernet as the next generation communication bus. All versions of Automotive Ethernet require rigorous testing: IEEE 802.3bw, IEEE 802.3bp, and OABR 3.2. The specified tests covering transmitters, receivers, and harness/connector assemblies are getting more complex.

This session covers the basics of high speed digital characterization and specifically looking at the requirements, challenges, and solution for Automotive Ethernet testing.

Test Challenges of eCall/ERA-GLONASS and GNSS

“Insights into connected car test challenges – eCall/ERA-GLONASS, GNSS Test”

Safer roads and faster rescue are the new challenges the automotive industry is facing through the implementation of new control and monitoring systems as part of the connected car revolution. The eCall/ERA-GLONASS system was created and developed to help developers meet standards compliance, and on this basis, to ensure a safe driving experience and effective and fast hedging in the event of accidents.

This session includes the test challenges of eCall/ERA-GLONASS and introducing reliable, compact, and flexible system for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) simulation and testing to minimize the cost of development and to speed up time to market.

Challenges & Solutions for V2X Communications Testing

“Insights into DSRC and Virtual Drive Test (VDT)”

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) with V2X capabilities offer long-range situational awareness for communications with other vehicles and the infrastructure for increased vehicle performance and safety. This seminar will review the measurement requirements and test challenges to comply with the technical status and standards of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) of V2X technology.

In addition, we will introduce virtual drive test solution and cover real world scenario testing using various channel emulation systems for complicated V2X RF environments.

Challenges and Solutions of Advanced Automotive Radar Design

“Insights into automotive radar design and lifecycle”

From blind spot detection and parking assistance to adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking system, radar applications have grown vehicle utilization and increased in technology sophistication. Advanced automotive radar with millimeter frequency and wide bandwidth are now an indispensable part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving vehicles. Growing demand of advanced technologies, such as 79GHz frequency with 4GHz modulation bandwidth and micro-Doppler to detect and protect pedestrians, has led to new design and test challenges as well.

This session introduces solutions to solve advanced challenges over automotive radar design and test lifecycle.

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