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Unlocking Wideband 5G & mmWave Insights to 110 GHz Webcast

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Exploding frequency ranges and bandwidths of today’s 5G and Emerging Comms PHY research create new challenges in millimeter-wave design validation. Millimeter-wave frequencies expose assumptions of what is, and is not, negligible and steal raw performance including power, losses, noise, and dynamic range. As measurement uncertainties become dramatically wider, making reliable measurements becomes significantly more difficult. Signal generation and analysis systems must be rethought with careful planning.

In this webcast, we’ll cover the latest cmWave and mmWave scenarios at 28 GHz, 73 GHz, and up to 110 GHz. We’ll present measurement challenges as a series of case studies and “testbed” configurations that can be easily adapted. These testbeds combine software with flexible, high-performance, time & frequency-domain measurement equipment to deliver calibrated, low-EVM wideband signals for 5G, emerging 802.11ad/ay, and back-haul applications with bandwidths up to 5 GHz wide. An ultra-wideband signal analyzer capable of 110 GHz in a single sweep is introduced to hunt for spectral emissions and spurs that typical banded-frequency systems can miss, enabling earlier troubleshooting of risky architectural issues in R&D.

As 5G and emerging wireless standards continue to evolve, wireless designers need flexibility to troubleshoot leading-edge issues in a variety of spectrum bands as well as high performance for more rigorous R&D validation. Join this webcast to learn the latest measurement techniques needed to overcome the challenges of your next wideband design.


Advanced development researchers, design engineers, signal integrity engineers, validation engineers, test engineers, architects, project managers, program managers, application managers, and application engineers.


Daren McClearnon, 5G Solution Marketing, Keysight Technologies

Daren McClearnon is a 5G Solution Marketing engineer for Internet Infrastructure products within Keysight Technologies. For several years Daren was the Planning and Marketing manager for System-Level EDA products, including a recent phased array system design personality. He has held engineering and management roles in the EDA industry since 1985, including Field Applications, and Field Sales, Customer Education, and Product Marketing for a variety of RF and System-level products. He graduated with a BSEE from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) and has worked at TI, HP, and Agilent Technologies.

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