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One Size Does Not Fit All - Choose the Right Instrument Form Factor Webcast

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Contrary to what some test & measurement people may tell you, the “one size fits all” approach to selecting test and measurement instrumentation is a limiting value proposition. Why? The answer lies inside your organizations product lifecycle: test needs typically evolve from unbounded in R&D - to just enough in manufacturing. Different situations benefit from best-fit platforms, both hardware and software—that provide meaningful choices. This webcast provides useful guidance in understanding when modular or benchtop instruments may be the best choice for your specific needs.


Test engineers and managers, manufacturing engineers and managers


Marty Leeke, Market Development Manager, Modular PXI and AXIe Solutions, Keysight Technologies

Marty Leeke is the Market Development Manager for Keysight’s Modular PXI and AXIe measurement and test solutions in the Americas, which are used in digital, RF, and microwave applications.

Prior to his current responsibilities, Marty held multiple marketing positions in various businesses in Agilent as well as management positions in Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Operations at a variety of high technology companies.

Marty joined Keysight Technologies in 2000 as a Product Manager in the Manufacturing Test Division. He holds a Marketing degree from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

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One Size Does NOT Fit All - Choosing Right Instrument Form Factor 
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