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Power Amplifier Design with X-Parameter* Power Transistor Models

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For many years power amplifier (PA) design was an art mastered by a relatively small number of experts and essentially started and completed on the test bench, maybe after developing an experience-based initial design. Now, the availability of accurate high power nonlinear transistor models in simulation tools has enabled growing numbers of PA designers to get a better starting point before bench prototyping. In the best case, they can consistently achieve optimized PA designs that work with little or no tuning when turned on in the lab for the first time.

At the core of successful simulation-based PA designs, are sufficiently accurate non-linear models for the desired power transistors. Today, both non-linear equivalent circuit based compact models as well as data-based X-parameter models are available as proven building blocks for PA designs. The merits of both types of large signal models will be illustrated in this webcast such as portability across simulators (ADS, Genesys and SystemVue), scalability, simulation speed and convergence.

The basic PA design flows will be explained that use both compact and X-parameter models. Examples will be given in Agilent Genesys and ADS on how to efficiently evaluate them with load-pull techniques and realize optimized PA design matching networks that will help you quickly achieve your PA design goals while minimizing rework and bench tuning.


Amplifier Designers and RF/MW Circuit Designers


Audience will learn how to design RF/MW power amplifiers with accurate X-parameter models in ADS and Genesys


Dr. Larry Dunleavy, President & CEO Modelithics Inc.

Lawrence P. Dunleavy co-founded Modelithics, Inc. in 2001 to provide improved modeling solutions and high quality microwave measurement services for RF and microwave designers. He is currently serving as President & CEO at Modelithics. He also maintains a part-time position as a tenured Professor within USF’s Department of Electrical Engineering, where he has been on the faculty since 1990. Prior to this he worked for Hughes Aircraft and E-Systems companies. Dr. Dunleavy received the B.S.E.E. degree from Michigan Technological University in 1982, and the M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. degrees in 1984 and 1988, respectively, from the University of Michigan. Dr. Dunleavy is a Senior Member of IEEE, and is active in the IEEE MTT Society, and the Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG).


 *X-Parameter is a trademark of Agilent Technologies. The X-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information, visit

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