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DC Power supply fundamentals to get the most out of your applications

1   Hour | eSeminar - Gravado | Onde e quando

Overview:DC Power supplies

Understanding how measurement tools operate can provide insight into how to improve testing methods. With modern performance and safety features in power supplies, the flexibility exists to create test setups that are simpler and more effective. This web seminar covers 10 fundamentals about your power supply to take advantage of these features.

Who should attend?

Test designers and engineers, programmable power supply users, R&D engineers, design validation engineers, system designers and engineers, instrumentation specialists and engineers.

The presenter: Gary Raposa

Gary RaposaGary Raposa received his BSEE from Rutgers College of Engineering in 1980 and an MSEE from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1983. He joined Agilent Technologies (then, Hewlett-Packard) in 1980 and has worked as a manufacturing engineer, R&D engineer, and power test system design engineer, and presently works as an application engineer. In each assignment Gary was involved in working on power products such as DC power supplies, electronic loads, AC sources, and power test systems.


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