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Eliminate the need for cumbersome multi-instruments setups for stress testing devices

1   Hour | eSeminar - Gravado | Onde e quando


When signal fidelity matters you want to test with confidence and rely on the test results. You don’t want to waste your time and verify your test results. You probably just want to test with clean and precise signals.

Versatile waveforms are important to test new functionality and to generate a real stress test under real world conditions. This webinar presents new ways of avoiding cumbersome multi-instrument setup and replace them by only one generator.

The built-in functionalities Pulse-Generator, Pattern-Generator, Function & Arbitrary Generator and Noise Generator open up new test scenarios. This webinar will give you some ideas how to effectively combine these capabilities.


Who should attend?

Engineers in manufacturing, R&D and Education working on device emulation, noise immunity testing, simulation, DC brushless motors, sonar testing, modulator testing, testing of mixed signal devices and/or searching for a precise clock source, Trigger, customer design simulator, etc.

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