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Design & Test Solutions for embedded applications

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Get access to the great insight into embedded solutions being presented at embedded world 2018.
Meet our experts in Hall 4, booth 208.
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We will be showing the following applications / solutions:

Serial Data Decode and Debugging
Low speed serial data is one of the major topics of interest at embedded World. Keysight’s InfiniiVision oscilloscopes offer the fastest and most comprehensive analysis, with recently added capability that covers USB Power Delivery and Manchester/NRZ protocols, as well as the existing protocols for SPI, I2C, CAN, LIN, among a total of 20 communication standards. Come and see how to accelerate the implementation of your embedded designs!

Low-cost Oscilloscopes
Whether you are in Industry, teaching or a hobbyist; if your job is design, debug, manufacture or maintenance, oscilloscopes are your number one ‘go to’ tool to identify and help solve signal and system issues. As the innovators in instrument integration – putting more functionality in the oscilloscope – Keysight have a range of low-cost oscilloscopes with added capability, such as function generators, frequency domain/spectrum analysis, serial data protocol analysis, logic analysis and Keysight’s exclusive frequency response analysis (Bode plots). Learn how investing in Keysight oscilloscopes can future-proof your bench.

Automotive Ethernet Decoding and Compliance Test
Ethernet is seeing an exponential growth in Automotive applications, which drives the need to test and validate your design. Keysight recently introduced new decoding and compliance test solutions for 100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1 BroadR-reach. Increase reliability and reduce your test and validation time to get your products faster to market with these new decoding and automated compliance tests.

Signal Integrity Measurements in High Speed Digital Applications
The continued sharp increase in high speed digital signals in electronic designs drives the need to characterise high frequency interconnects, failing to do so can result in multiple design re-spins and delays to bring products to market. Keysight has the toolset to enable you to make reliable designs. We will show a unique Crosstalk removal tool, TDR, Jitter Analyses and many more tools. Come and talk to our experts to discuss your test challenges.

Signal and Power Integrity Simulation for High Speed Digital Design
When digital signals reach gigabit/s speeds, increased uncertainty creeps in for free. Getting your project back on track starts with the best tools for the job. By addressing Signal Integrity and Power Integrity challenges head-on, optimal designs can be reached in a predictable way. It will minimize risk of field failures, reduce PCB board iterations, reach optimal designs early and reduce production cost.

Modular Test Solutions with Keysight PXI/AXIe Platform
Keysight´s modular program based on the PXI/AXIe platform closes the link from R&D, validation to manufacturing. Use the same measurement HW, develop only one test environment, and leverage SW code across multiple platforms. With the open platform and integration of tools from Multi-vendors, complex systems can be configured. Throughput increases and cost of test can be reduced significantly.

Materials and component characterization
From stealth materials to dielectric substrates, microwave food products to biofuels, accurate characterization of their electromagnetic properties at microwave and mm-wave frequencies provide engineers with critical information needed for material and circuit design, modeling, research, manufacturing and quality control. We will show the impedance analyzer in a material characterization setup using the parallel plate technique.

Communication between embedded systems is not limited to internal data buses and memory but has evolved over the time to include communication channels over wireless protocols as well. IEEE 802.11 protocol (WiFi), Bluetooth, ZigBee are some of the protocols that are used in a wide range of embedded applications. Simulating and testing the wireless channels has become an important step on the embedded design. The EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests are another essential element of electronics design. Designers must consider EMC issues at all stages of the process, from designing PCB, integrating modules up to the final integration. The ability to design and produce systems compliant from the EMC point of view is of paramount importance.

Everyday Bench Tools to Solve New Measurement Challenges in IoT Power, Device Characterisation, Software Control and RF Analysis
Technological advancements often bring new challenges. The Internet of Things is pushing for the development of more low-powered devices. Meanwhile in the area of test, users today demand for more flexible and scalable test instrumentation. See how Keysight addresses these new challenges using everyday bench instruments, with our solutions for dynamic low current consumption, source-measure units and flexible power supplies among others. Our everyday bench tools also include various measurement capabilities from measuring at fA and PΩ levels, to making RF measurements.

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2018-02-27 — 2018-03-01 Nürnberg