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H7214X-054 Advanced Internet Protocol Router

3   Days | Classroom Training | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: This course targets to Operators, ISPs, Enterprise customers but will not address the requirement of high end router developers.

The number of applications and the service requirement of the users have resulted in the development of various protocols in the internet. Beginning with the basic routing protocol within and outside the AS, this course will provide more insight into the operations of various routing protocols in the internet. The course also outlines new technology like MPLS and its control protocol along with the test techniques. The course covers VPN services over MPLS and the multicast techniques.


  • The person should have attended the IP based course or the Datacom course


  • Overview of TCP/IP
  • Internet and how it is organised
  • Introduction to IGP protocols
  • Overview of RIP
  • OSPF protocol and its operation in network
  • Overview of IS-IS
  • Introduction to EGP : BGP-4
  • MPLS technology and the test techniques
  • MPLS-RSVP and CR-LDP protocol
  • VPN services (L2 and L3 VPNs)and introduction to Multicast technique
  • PIM Protocol
  • Router test techniques and test challenges

Training & Event Materials

Advanced Internet Protocol Router 

Data Sheet 2004-07-20