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H7216A/B-206 Introduction to Digital RF Communications

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Audience: Test technicians and test engineers new to the area of RF and microwave.

This course teaches the basics of vector modulation, effectively the basics of digital modulation. The principles are explained using practical examples. Propagation effects and equipment impairments are simulated and measured.

What you will Learn

  • Digital modulation principles
  • Basics of digital cellular systems and digital communications
  • Have an understanding of the cellular system concept
  • Digitizing the baseband signal
  • Multiplexing intro structures


  • Students should have either completed RF Measurements Basics (H7216A#101) course or have an understanding of electronic basics and of RF measurements.


  • Digital Communications Fundamentals
    • This section discusses the voice processing that occurs in a digital system.
    • Vocoders
    • Interleaving
    • Error detection and correction
    • Channel coding
  • Digital Modulation
    • This section introduces the concepts of digital modulation used in today's communication systems and discusses some of the trade-offs.
    • I/Q formats
    • Bit rates and symbol rates
    • Phase shift keying
    • Frequency shift keying
    • Bandwidth considerations
    • Filtering
    • Multiplexing
  • Digital Cellular Systems
    • This section is a brief introduction to the various digital cellular systems that are in use today, in preparation for the in-depth study in the individual follow-on courses.

Where & When

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