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Setting Up IC-CAP WaferPro For On-Wafer Measurements

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Agilent Technologies has introduced a new automated characterization software Module for IC-CAP, called WaferPro, for efficient on-wafer measurements across temperature. This new module is based on the robust and efficient control of IC-CAP for DC/CV Analyzers, network analyzers, probers, switching matrixes, temperature chucks as well as the 4070, 4080 and 41000 series of Agilent Parametric Testers. WaferPro follows the known IC-CAP principle to provide ready-to-go solutions, together with an open user interface which allows the user to adapt it to their special requirements, be it measurement wise, or data evaluation wise.

This presentation will cover a detailed demonstration of WaferPro and a best practice.

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On-Wafer Semiconductor Test Engineers

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Setting up IC-CAP WaferPro for On-Wafer Measurements 
IC-CAP WaferProIs is an extremely powerful test plan suite, for on-Wafer DC/CV and RF device modeling measurements.

Presentación para seminario 2011-06-22