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Basic Instruments for Education

Looking for some basic instruments to equip your teaching lab? In this page, we offer a variety of general purpose and basic instruments for both students and educators. Make the right choice.

Bench Solutions

Bench solutions have traditionally been the choice of educators for decades now. Recognizing the need of dependable instruments, Keysight now offers a wide variety of basic bench instruments that cater for needs of teaching lab. Click on the links below to find out more on some of the recommended models of bench instruments.

Find out what are the factors you should consider in choosing a DC Power Supply. Follow the link to register and receive application notes on the E3600 and U8000 Series basic power supplies. DC power needs to be steady as a rock…like a rock for 15 years.

DSOXEDK Educators Training Kit

The DSOXEDK Educators Training Kit provides an array of built-in training signals. The electrical engineering and physics students can learn what an oscilloscope does and how they can perform basic oscilloscope measurements. It comes with comprehensive lab guide and tutorial written specifically for the undergraduate student. This Training Kit works with all InfiniiVision 2000 and 3000 X-Series 2 channel and 4 channel DSO and MSO models.



Handheld Solutions

Keysight's handheld solutions are constantly growing to cater to the needs of industry - electronic, electrical, installation and maintenance, or process testing. These industry-standard instruments are also suitable for educators and students to complete their basic test and measurement tasks.

Choose between a wide range of Handheld Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, LCR meters or Oscilloscopes with performance as good as benchtop models and at very attractive prices. Get to know the handheld products better.

If you are working in RF domain, you can choose a Handheld Spectrum Analyzer or a combination RF Analyzer. Carry the precision in your hand and reinforce the theoretical concepts with real-world measurements. Check out the test tools.

Expand the capabilities of your handheld solutions with dedicated accessories such as:

USB Modular Solutions

Looking for some modular instruments for your lab? Check our wide range of USB modular solutions . It provides fundamental yet new experience for both educators and students. With its small form factor these modules are portable and give users the mobility they need at their convenience. It also has the flexibility of being used standalone or together with other modular instruments in the chassis. Get to know the USB modular products.

BenchVue Software

Supporting industry standard test and measurement instruments, the BenchVue software platform is ideal for students learning electronics or needing to get access to get results faster. With its intuitive interface and measurement capabilities, BenchVue software allows educators to focus on their curriculum and spend less time teaching user interfaces.



For more information about Keysight education, please visit Keysight Education Engineering Resources for researchers, educators, and students