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How do I choose a 3D Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation Software?

When choosing an EM simulator, decide whether you want it integrated in Advanced Design System (ADS) to co-simulate with circuit components, or as a standalone 3D EM design and simulation tool.


For integrated EM-Circuit Simulation in ADS

RFPro is created specifically for RF circuit designers of RF Modules, MMICs, RFICs and RF Boards who need to routinely perform EM-circuit co-simulation to accurately account for the parasitic effects of physical interconnects on their circuits.

RFPro’s instant and correct setup of EM-circuit co-simulation without layout modification makes running EM analysis as easy as circuit simulation. It enables RF circuit designers to tune and optimize their lumped or distributed circuit components with physical interconnects, such as bond wires and packages, to compensate for frequency shift, loss and mismatch, etc.

Watch the YouTube video on Keysight RFPro in ADS for EM-Circuit Co-Simulation  to learn how RFPro sets up an EM-circuit co-simulation in 15 seconds instead of 2 hours to 2 weeks using the traditional standalone 3D EM approach.

For Standalone 3D EM Design and Simulation

EMPro is a standalone full 3DEM drawing and simulation environment for the design of 3D interconnects, radiating and scattering structures.

Equipped with both FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) and FEM (Finite Element Analysis) full 3D EM simulation engines, EMPro enables the accurate analysis of 3D physical designs varying in size from miniature 1 mm 110 GHz connectors, to entire fighter airframes.

Parameterized 3D components such as RF shields, connectors and packages designed in EMPro can be exported into ADS for co-simulation with circuit components. GPU acceleration allows EMPro to analyze large structures fast, such as radar cross sections of airframes or vehicles.

Multi-technology PA RF Module simulated with RFPro in ADS

Figure 1. Multi-technology PA RF Module simulated with RFPro in ADS.

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Coax-Microstrip connector drawn and simulated in EMPro

Figure 2. Coax-Microstrip connector drawn and simulated in EMPro.

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