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Keysight One-Stop Calibration Capabilities - Asia (Australia)

  • Partner with Keysight experts to assess your mechanical, dimensional, temperature, heat and pressure needs.
  • Consolidate your calibration requirements at one state-of-the-art Keysight Australia lab.
  • Our Melbourne site is accredited to ISO 17025 by NATA, and features multi-brand capability unmatched in the southern hemisphere.

View our capabilities for:

  • Limit gauges
  • Jigs, fixtures, cutting tools and components
  • Engineering metrology equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Surface topography
  • Length and angle standards
  • Precision instruments
  • Survey and alignment equipment
  • Mass
  • Weighing devices
  • Volumetric equipment
  • Density
  • Flow measuring devices
  • Barometers
  • Pressure and vacuum measuring devices
  • Force measuring devices
  • Torque measuring devices
  • Instrument calibrators
  • Indicating and recording instruments
  • Frequency and time measuring instruments and standards
  • Frequency analyzers and waveform measuring instruments
  • Signal sources
  • Communications equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Power supplies and stabilizers
  • Temperature measuring equipment
  • Clinical thermometers
  • Hygrometry
  • Testing of controlled enclosures
  • Bridges, potentiometers, test sets
  • Resistors, resistance boxes and potential dividers