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Electromagnetic Theory Teaching Solutions

The DreamCatcher(Keysight solution partner) ME1200 Electromagnetic Theory teaching solution offers a ready-to-teach package in the areas of Electromagnetic Theory. This is a resource for lecturers consisting of teaching slides, training kits, lab sheets, and problem-based assignments. To read more about the Electromagnetic Theory courseware, click here .

Teaching Slides (Not available) Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
Teaching Slides (Not available) Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
  • We recommend to purchase “Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 7th Edition” By Fawwaz T. Ulaby, Umberto Ravaioli, Published by Pearson, and get the PowerPoint slide presentations at no cost


  • EM hardware kit
  • Lab sheets and model answers
  • Problem-based assignments
  • Covers 24 hours of labs
  • Power Sensor


Target university subject Target year of study Prerequisite(s)

EM Theory

1st or 2nd year undergraduate
  • Field Theory
  • Electricity and Magnetism


Teaching Slides Training Kit Instruments Model / Software
The recommended textbook covers the following topics:
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: Waves and Phasors 1
  • Chapter 2 Transmission Lines 48
  • Chapter 3 Vector Analysis 33
  • Chapter 4 Electrostatics 178
  • Chapter 5 Magnetostatics 235
  • Chapter 6 Maxwell’s Equations for Time-Varying Fields 281
  • Chapter 7 Plane-Wave Propagation 313
  • Chapter 8 Wave Reflection and Transmission 352
  • Chapter 9 Radiation and Antennas 403
  • Chapter 10 Satellite Communication Systems and Radar Sensors 457

List of Lab Sheets:

  • Introduction to EM Waves and Transmission Lines
  • Wave Propagation on a Transmission Line and Standing Wave (SW) Pattern
  • Introduction to Smith Chart
  • Introduction to the Concept of Impedance Transformation – Design of Lumped Impedance Transformation Network
  • Introduction to Impedance Transformation Using Single-Stub Transmission Line Networks
  • More advanced concepts of impedance transformation – Impedance matching and power transfer, double-stub transmission line networks

Problem-based assignments:

  • Design an impedance matching network for antenna

Recommended Keysight Solutions:

Power Sensor:

  • U2000A


DOWNLOAD  Sample teaching slides, lab sheets and demo videos.

The DreamCatcher ME1500 Radar Principles and Systems Courseware can be purchased from our solutions partner, DreamCatcher 

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