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Imaging Radar Principles Teaching Solution

The DreamCatcher(Keysight solution partner) ME1510 Imaging Radar Principles teaching solution offers a ready-to-teach package in the areas of imaging radars including real aperture radar and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) as well as advanced imaging radar concepts such as interferometric and polarimetric SARs. This is a resource for lecturers consisting of teaching slides, training kits, lab sheets, and problem-based assignments. To read more about the Imaging Radar Principles courseware, click here .

Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
  • Editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
  • Covers 45 hours of teaching
  • Imaging radar system hardware kit
  • Lab sheets and model answers
  • Problem-based assignments
  • Covers 15 hours of labs
  • SystemVue Software


Target university subject Target year of study Prerequisite(s)
  • Advanced Radar Systems
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar
3rd year or final year undergraduate
  • Radar Principles and Systems


Teaching Slides Training Kit Instruments Model / Software
Topics Covered:
  • Microwave Remote Sensing and Radar Basics
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Principal
  • SAR Signal Processing
  • Advanced SAR Techniques
  • SAR Applications and Case Studies

List of Lab Sheets:

  • Familiarisation with Imaging Radar Training Kit
  • Basic Operation of Side-Looking Airborne Radar and Range
  • Compression
  • Range-Doppler Processing and Azimuth Compression
  • Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • SAR Signal Generation and Processing using SystemVue

Problem-based assignments:

  • Design of a Synthetic Aperture Radar System
  • SAR Imaging Radar System Design and Simulation

Recommended Keysight Solutions:

SystemVue Software:

  • W1461BP SystemVue Comms Architect
  • W1905EP SystemVue Radar Model Library


DOWNLOAD  Sample teaching slides, lab sheets and demo videos.

The DreamCatcher ME1500 Radar Principles and Systems Courseware can be purchased from our solutions partner, DreamCatcher 

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