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Internet of Things (IoT) Teaching Solution – IoT Fundamentals

The Internet of Things (IoT) fundamentals applied courseware is a ready-to-teach package that focuses on the area of IoT fundamentals. The courseware is designed as a resource for educators in universities and other tertiary institutions to teach students about the IoT’s architecture, technologies and ecosystems. The courseware also integrates hands-on industry relevant experiences and real-world applications in IoT design and testing. The courseware will be updated yearly for three years at no additional cost, allowing educators and students to keep pace with evolving IoT trends and technologies, which will change rapidly over the next several years.

The IoT fundamentals training kit consists of an IoT development kit, sensor devices, XBee ZigBee kit, six editable lab sheets with model answers and problem-based learning assignments. Each lab requires 2-3 hours to complete.

 Teaching Slides  Training Kit  
Teaching Slides Training Kit Instruments/ Software


  • Editable PowerPoint slides
  • Covers 36+ hours of classroom sessions

Topics Covered:

  • IoT Essentials
  • Hardware for IoT
  • Software for IoT
  • IoT Connectivity Protocols
  • IoT Application Design Essentials
  • From IoT to Data Analytics
  • Case Studies


  • Editable lab sheets, model answers, problem-based assignments
  • Covers 18 hours of lab sessions

List of Lab Sheets:

  • IoT System Overview
  • Exploring LAN/PAN Connectivity Protocols and Understanding the Purpose of an IoT Gateway
  • Exploring the Web-based Cloud Services for IoT
  • Exploring MQTT Messaging Protocol for IoT
  • Exploring Data Visualization and Analytics
  • Cloud-enabled IoT Application
  • No additional instrument required
Target university subject Target year of study Prerequisite(s)
IoT Fundamentals 2nd to Final year undergraduate None

The complete solution resources:
U3801A IoT Fundamentals Applied Courseware, with Training Kit only / U3802A IoT Fundamentals Applied Courseware, with Training Kit and Teaching Slides