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Maximize battery life of low-power IoT smart devices

Understanding Battery Drain Analysis of IoT Power Consumption with Keysight solutionsIoT devices such as smart watches, wearable medical devices and fitness monitors have a unique set of engineering demands. One of the biggest challenges is maximizing the life of small, on-board batteries. In order to achieve longer battery life, engineers must make accurate battery drain measurements and understand the power consumption patterns.

Explore the hardware and software test solutions that engineers are using to innovate ways to extend battery life:

  • Perform accurate battery drain analysis 

  • Accurately test IoT low-power consumption 

  • Characterize battery life of critical devices such as wireless medical devices and industrial control devices

Documents & Downloads

How an Effort to Save Patient Lives Infected a Company’s Bottom Line - Application Brief 
Read this application brief to see a real-world example of how the right testing for your IoT devices can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Application Note 2017-03-31

Five Tips for Optimizing Battery Drain on IoT Devices - Application Note 
Covers five tips for optimizing battery drain on Internet of Things (IoT)devices.

Application Note 2016-09-19

Solving Test Challenges for Internet of Things-Enabled Consumer Electronic Devices 
The Internet of Things is a key enabler of the smart home, and brings with it unique challenges for designers and manufacturers. Keysight has a complete portfolio to address the test challenges.

Application Note 2016-06-30

Battery Drain Analysis for Low Power IoT Devices - Application Note 
Covers several Keysight battery drain analysis solutions. Includes 34470 DMM, N6701 DC power analyzer & N6781 SMU, N2820 current probe, the B2900 SMU, and CX3300 device current waveform analyzer.

Application Note 2017-12-01

Measuring Battery Life on Battery-Powered Medical Devices - Application Note 
This application notes is to describe how to measure battery life on battery-powered medical devices, consideration for battery run-down test and burden voltage impacts towards current measurement.

Application Note 2018-03-12

Software Tools for Battery Drain Analysis on Internet of Things (IoT) Devices - Application Brief 
A summary of the features and benefits of six software tools for performing battery drain analysis on IoT devices.

Application Note 2017-06-15

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Concerto for IoT: Maximizing Battery Life - Infographic 
Monitoring battery drain is critical to designing and building IoT devices. Rely on Keysight low power test solutions to measure and characterize your device and get a clear picture of battery life.

Brochure 2017-03-14

null PDF 2.36 MB