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Basic Communications Module Teaching Solution

The DreamCatcher(Keysight solution partner) ME1100-900 Basics Communications teaching solutions serves as an add-on module to complement the Digital RF Communication module - ME1100. It covers the study of basic analog and digital modulation. This is a lecturer resource consisting of teaching slides and lab sheets. To read more about the Basic Communications Module courseware, click here .

 Teaching Slides  Training Kit  Keysight Instruments/ Software
Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
  • Editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
  • Covers 6 hours of teaching
  • No hardware kit required
  • Lab sheets & model answers
  • Covers 15 hours of labs
  • Function Generator
  • Oscilloscope with VSA Software
Target university subject Target university subject Target year of study Prerequisite(s) Prerequisite(s)
Basic Communications 1st or 2nd year undergraduate -


Teaching Slides Training Kit Instruments Model / Software
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to modulation
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Frequency and Phase Modulation
  • Amplitude Shift Keying
  • Frequency Shift Keying

List of Lab Sheets:

  • AM - Generate, measure and demodulate
  • FM - Generate, measure and demodulate
  • PM - Generate, measure and demodulate
  • ASK - Generate, measure and demodulate
  • FSK - Generate, measure and demodulate
  • SSB & DSB - Generate, measure and demodulate

Recommended Keysight Solutions:

Function Generator:

  •  33220A

Oscilloscope with VSA Software:

  • Minimum 100 MHz Oscilloscope: DSOX3012A/DSO6012A
  • 89601B Vector Signal Analysis Software

DOWNLOAD  Sample teaching slides, lab sheets and demo videos.

The DreamCatcher ME1100-900 Basics Communications Courseware can be purchased from our solutions partner, DreamCatcher 

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