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RF Signal Recording and Analysis

Troubleshoot elusive or intermittent events with advanced RF spectrum recording and analysis

The system is plug compatible with the Keysight UXA, PXA, MXA or EXA signal analyzers that utilize the digital bus output option. When used with the X-COM Systems IQC5000B spectrum capture and playback system and the Spectro-X multi-channel spectrum analysis software, Keysight signal analyzers give you all the tools you need to troubleshoot elusive or intermittent events in devices and systems that operate in complex, and sometimes hostile communications environments.

  • Multi-channel RF capture of long duration signals, up to many hours
  • Advanced spectrum analysis software
  • Interfaces to Keysight X-series signal analyzers
  • Interfaces to Keysight 89600B signal analysis software
  • Troubleshoot elusive or intermittent spectrum events
  • Request more information and Keysight’s partner, X-COM, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Available Solution Briefs

X-COM IQC5000B - Datasheet  
IQC5000B Signal Record and Playback Datasheet

Brochure 2016-01-19

RF Spectrum Recording and Analysis  
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with X-COM on RF spectrum recording and analysis

Brochure 2013-04-08