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EMI and EMC Teaching Solution

The DreamCatcher(Keysight solution partner) ME1400 EMI and EMC teaching solution is a ready-to-teach package for final year undergraduate or post-graduate students. It covers the sources of EMI, fundamental theories, design practices to minimize EMI, compliance rules and testing, and EMI measurements. The solution is specially designed to allow students to gain exposure in the usage of spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, LCR meters, and other accessories. To read more about the EMI and EMC courseware, click here .

Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
  • Editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
  • Covers 45 hours of teaching
  • EMI/EMC hardware kit
  • Lab sheets & model answers
  • Problem-based assignments
  • Covers 24 hours of labs
  • Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum Analyzer
Target university subject    Target year of study  Prerequisite(s)
  • Electromagnetic Interference
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
 3rd year or final year undergraduate
  •  Electromagnetic Theory


Teaching Slides Training Kit Instruments Model / Software
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to EMI/EMC
  • Basic Theories
  • EMC Control and Design
  • PCB Layout Design Issues
  • Filters, Cables, and Connectors
  • Isolators, Transient, and Surge Protection
  • Shielding
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • EMC Measurement Review
  • EMI/EMC Troubleshooting Techniques and Methodologies
  • System Integrity

List of Lab Sheets:

  • Probing Techniques
  • Digital Pulse Spectra and Rise Time Measurement
  • Controlling Crosstalk: Frequency-Domain Perspective
  • Controlling Crosstalk: Time-Domain Perspective
  • Controlling Common Impedance Coupling
  • Controlling Radiated Emission from Cable and PCB
  • PCB Signal Integrity
  • Transfer Impedance Measurement

Problem-based assignments:

  • Investigation on Radiation from PCB and Shielding
  • Study on Differential Signaling

Recommended Keysight Solutions:


  • DSOX2022A

Spectrum Analyzer:

  •  N9320B

DOWNLOAD  Sample teaching slides, lab sheets and demo videos.

The DreamCatcher ME1400 EMI and EMC Courseware can be purchased from our solutions partner, DreamCatcher 

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