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Analog Electronics Teaching Solution

The DreamCatcher(Keysight solution partner) ME3000 Analog Electronics teaching solution offers a ready-to-teach package focuses on semiconductor fundamentals, circuit analysis and applications. The teaching material and lab sheets will allow the students to explore the functionalities and applications of diodes, transistors, and op-amps in a circuit. To learn more about the Analog Electronics courseware, click here .

Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
Teaching Slides Training Kit Keysight Instruments/ Software
  • Editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
  • Covers 45 hours of teaching
  • Analog electronics kit
  • Lab sheets & model answers
  • Problem-based assignments
  • Covers 24 hours of labs
  • Power Supply
  • Function Generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • Multimeter
Target university subject Target year of study Prerequisite(s)
Analog Electronics 1st or 2nd year undergraduate None


Teaching Slides Training Kit Instruments Model / Software
Topics Covered:
  • P-N Junction & Semiconductor Diodes
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • DC Biasing
  • Transistor Modeling
  • Small-Signal Analysis
  • Frequency Response of a BJT Amplifier
  • Design of a Small-Signal BJT Amplifier
  • Field-Effect Transistors Part I: Types and Characteristics
  • Field-Effect Transistors Part II: Biasing
  • Field-Effect Transistors Part III: Small-Signal Analysis
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • 555 Timer-based Multivibrators
  • Oscillators
  • Voltage Regulators

List of Lab Sheets:

  • Diode Characteristics
  • Rectifier Circuits
  • BJT Characteristics
  • DC Biasing
  • Practical Op-Amp Circuits
  • RF Class A Tuned Amplifiers
  • 555 Multivibrator Circuits
  • Active Filters

Problem-based assignments:

  • Basic Signal Conditioning Using Op-Amp Circuits
  • Low Pass Active Filter Design
  • 555 Multivibrator Circuits

Recommended Keysight Solutions:

Power Supply:

  • E3631A Triple Output DC Power Supply

Function Generator:

  • 33511B


  • DSOX2002A


  • 34450A

DOWNLOAD  Sample teaching slides, lab sheets and demo videos.

The DreamCatcher ME3000 Analog Electronics Courseware can be purchased from our solutions partner, DreamCatcher .

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