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PowerSuite: Burst Power

PowerSuite: Burst PowerThe burst power (transmit power) measurement is used to determine the power delivered to the antenna system on the radio-frequency channel under test. The burst power measurement verifies the accuracy of the mean transmitted RF carrier power. This can be done across the frequency range and at each power step. This measurement is primarily for use with time domain modulated signals (Bluetooth™, GSM/Edge, and NADC).

Mobile stations and base stations must transmit enough power, with sufficient modulation accuracy, to maintain a call of acceptable quality without leaking power into frequency channels or timeslots allocated for others.

The burst power measurement determines the average power for an RF signal burst at or above a specified threshold value or during the detected burst width. The threshold value may be absolute, or relative to the peak value of the signal. The mean carrier power is calculated based on the burst width and the threshold level. Burst width can be set manually or automatically. When set automatically, the burst width is determined by finding the peak in the captured data, then searching for the first place where the trace is higher than the threshold level. This is the start of the burst; the stop of the burst is the first position in the trace that falls below the threshold level.

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    In this short video, learn why the one-button PowerSuite burst power measurement is important and see a quick measurement.