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What is the certification (and recertification) process for calibration kit torque wrenches?

Currently Keysight does not provide "data" of any type for torque wrenches contained within our calibration kits. This is true for both new purchases and for recertified calibration kits. Torque wrench data is not provided even if "calibration with data" is requested.

When calibration kits are returned for recertification, the torque wrenches are recertified to the value stated in the cal kit manual.

Recertification of the wrenches is performed via a Torqueleader, TCA 36/4 manufactured by M.H.H. Engineering Co. Ltd., item number T314547.

If a torque wrench is out of tolerance, the wrench is adjusted during recertification.

Torque wrenches do not receive a specific calibration certificate. The certificate provided with the calibration kit covers the entire contents, including the torque wrenches.