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Anomalies connecting Keysight Intuilink 4395A to the 4395A, 4396B Analyzers

I have installed the Keysight Intuilink Agt4395 data acquisition utility for use with the 4395A, 4396B combination analyzers. I have confirmed communications to the instrument via the I/O Library interface discovery methods. Namely, Keysight VISA Assistant or National Instruments Discovery. Via these discovery methods the analyzer responds to "*IDN?" correctly.

The analyzer within the Intuilink Connection mode is correctly discovered as well (see image below):

Connect to 4395A/4396B/4294A

However, when attempting to perform a DATA CAPTURE via Intuilink Agt4395A the following error is displayed:

Fail to access Instrument's ramDisk. Not enough free area or Not MSDOS-format

Data Capture Error 4395A/4396B/4294A

Or, when attempting to perform a SCREEN CAPTURE via Intuilink Agt4395A the following error is displayed:

Failed to transfer image to application.
Error Description:CAgtServer4395::SaveScreenImage method failed.
CAgtCore4395::SaveScreenImage method failed.
CAgtCore4395::ConvertImageToLeadToolsFormat method failed.
Invalid parameter passed

Screen Capture 4395A/4396B/4294A

What is the error and how can I rectify the anomaly?


The error is due to the analyzer's internal memory ram disk being formatted as a LIF disk. Re-format the disk as a DOS drive and the application will run correctly.

Follow the keystrokes below to re-format:

SAVE (Hard Key - HK)
STORAGE DEV[MEMORY] (SK) ensure this is the selection
INITIALIZE DISK (SK)- FORMAT[DOS] (SK) ensure this is the selection

WARNING: All memory on the internal ram disk will be erased, this includes user-defined calibration kits, data saves, graphic saves, etc.

For additional information regarding operation of the analyzer, refer to the latest release of either 4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Operation Manual

or 4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer User Guide

For general information on Keysight Intuilink, visit:

For additional information on Keysight GPIB connectivity solutions, visit: