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E8491B: What is the Part Number for the Option 001 PCI FireWire card, and will other PCI FireWire cards work?

Order E8491-66503. That is the Solectron PCI FireWire card. The power cable is E8491-61613. E8491B Option 001 is the same thing. The power cable is required by the FireWire specification. If you have two or more card cages daisy changed, you cannot power off the first card cage without the power cable and you can have problems getting it to work without the power cable.

The Keysight E8491B NT driver supports the Solectron PCI firewire cards. The WIN 2000/XP E8491B driver supports both the Unibrain and Solectron Firewire cards. Unibrain and the Solectron PCI Firewire cards have been tested. Other cards using the TI chipset should work, but are not supported. With the current Keysight IO libraries, you can also use NEC chipset cards, but we've only tested PCMCIA versions of the NEC chipset.