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BenchVue Test Flow Automation

Faster Test Automation Development

Instrument programming can be time consuming and laborious. With BenchVue Test Flow enabled apps, you can build automated test sequences without needing in-depth instrument knowledge or programming. Also access advanced instrument controls for specialized testing with integrated Command Expert command sequences.

1. Connect Instrument to your PC

Plug and Play functionality allows BenchVue to find instruments connected via LAN, USB, and GPIB.

2. Launch BenchVue and start the Test Flow app

BenchVue’s intuitive interface allows you to easily control your instruments.

 3. Drag & Drop Instrument Controls into Test Flow

Quickly create test procedures by grabbing and placing instrument parameters into your custom test sequence.

4. Run Tests and Analyze

Use the built-in analyzer to view results of your test. Export results in only three clicks.                                    

Creating automated tests have never been simpler

Using BenchVue software’s integrated Test Flow app you can spend less time building your tests and accelerate your access to results. Combine controls and measurements from multiple instruments for a test sequence that is customized for your needs. Test Flow enables you to create simple to complex test sequences.

BenchVue provides extensive data, trace and measurement logging capabilities. This no-cost software supports over 450 Keysight instruments enabling you to control your bench from a single software platform.

With BenchVue Test Flow you can:

  • Create custom test sequences fast and intuitively
  • Combine multiple instruments into a sequence for better DUT characterization
  • Drag-and-drop controls for rapid test prototyping
  • Easily view data logs in tabular or graphical form

Interpret results more quickly by:

  • Validating your sequence setup using the preview tool/window/graph
  • Customizing your X-axis and Y-axis on graphs to view measurements
  • Exporting data to popular tools such as MATLAB or Microsoft Excel and Word for documentation or further analysis


BenchVue Test Flow is included in the following BenchVue apps:

Data Acquisition Control & Automation App 1

Network Analyzer Control & Automation App Signal Generator Control & Automation App
Digital Multimeter Control & Automation App Oscilloscope Control & Automation App Spectrum Analyzer Control & Automation App
Electronic Load Control & Automation App Power Meter/Sensor Control & Analysis App 1  
FieldFox Handheld Analyzer Control & Automation App Power Supply Control & Automation App  
Function Generator Control & Automation App Universal Counter Control & Automation App  

1. Automation utilizing Command Expert and SCPI blocks in Test Flow sequences.

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