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Spectrum Analysis At Your Fingertips, When Inspiration Strikes

spectrum analysis, spectrum analysis basics, signal analysisMake a stronger contribution with deeper skills in spectrum and signal analysis

Engineering is all about connecting ideas and solving problems, and every tool you master enhances your ability to contribute. Explore Keysight’s spectrum analysis application notes, below, to learn signal analysis fundamentals like noise figure, EMI pre-compliance and spurious emissions to build a broader foundation that will help you deliver your next breakthrough.

Documents & Downloads

Transmitter Test: Overcoming Five Fundamental Challenges - Application Note 
Learn how to address five fundamental challenges in the development of wireless transmitters.

Application Note 2018-02-02

Three Hints for Better Noise Figure Measurements - Application Brief 
This brief provides 3 hints that will help you improve measurement uncertainty, increase yield, and lower your costs when measuring noise figure performance on your device.

Application Note 2017-12-01

Noise and Noise Figure: Improving and Simplifying Measurements - Application Brief 
Noise is present in every electronic circuit. Noise disturbances can limit the overall performance of a wireless system, making noise measurements fundamental for all transmitter/receiver components.

Application Note 2017-12-01

Measuring Intermodulation Distortion and RF Interference - App Brief 
Learn about the essential steps for measuring intermodulation distortion and RF interference to ensure you meet spectrum emission standards

Application Note 2017-12-01

Accelerating Spurious Emission Measurements Using Fast-Sweep Techniques - Application Note 
Searching for spurious emissions can be especially difficult and time-consuming. Learn about techniques you can use to optimize and speed your measurements.

Application Note 2017-12-05

Signal Analysis Measurement Fundamentals, Optimize Noise Floor, Resolution Bandwidth, and More 
Learn measurement fundamentals to optimize your signal analysis for greater insights

Application Note 2017-12-13

Your Signal Analyzer Unleashed - Infographic 
Here are 5 close-up looks to get the most out of your signal analyzer, so you can deliver your next breakthrough.

Brochure 2017-03-21

null PDF 10.89 MB
Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements - Application Note 
This application note provides an overview of radiated and conducted emissions measurements as well as a methodology for EMI precompliance testing.

Application Note 2018-08-06

EMI Pre-Compliance Fundamentals - White Paper 
Learn how to make radiated and conducted emissions measurements.

Application Note 2018-09-14

EMI Compliance Test vs. EMI Pre-Compliance Test - Application Brief 
This paper gives you an understanding on the advantage of running an in-house EMI pre-compliance test with a spectrum analyzer, guide you through the process of making a good estimation of your new product's EMI performance, and diagnose unwanted emissions.

Application Note 2018-08-07