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Infiniium Oscilloscope HDD/SDD in Secure Environments

My oscilloscope is in a secure environment and I need to calibrate it. I have to keep my SDD in the secure environment, but I don’t have another SDD. Can I still calibrate my oscilloscope?

Yes, send the oscilloscope to Keysight without an SSD and the Keysight Service Center will calibrate your oscilloscope and send it back with the calibration folder on an USB thumb drive.

What information needs to be on the spare SDD outside the secure environment?

The spare SSD needs to have the same calibration folder information as the one inside the secure environment. Therefore, when the oscilloscope goes out to be calibrated, it has the same calibration information as the one inside.

If you buy a spare SDD with your new oscilloscope, is it a clone of the one installed?

No, not even if both the oscilloscope and the spare SDD are brand new and the spare SDD is purchased from Keysight. Make sure that the calibration folder (C:\Program Data\Infiniium\cal) residing in the oscilloscope is copied to the spare SSD before the oscilloscope is taken into a secure area. In addition, make sure you download the latest oscilloscope application software from keysight.com.

Does the oscilloscope need the "original" calibration data from the calibration folder to calibrate the oscilloscope?

No, the calibration will create new data.

Will the service center provide a spare SSD as part of the calibration of an oscilloscope sent in without a SSD (customer wants a spare SSD)?

The service center can provide a new SSD upon ordering one. You will be charged for the new SSD.

What is loaded onto a spare SSD when purchased directly from Keysight?

Only the Windows 7 operating system and drivers. You must download and install the latest Infiniium application software.

What happens to Infiniium licenses when I change the SSD?

Licenses need to be re-hosted because the Host-ID changes with the new SSD. The service center can install re-hosted licenses, or you can contact the Support Center, ask for re-hosted licenses, and install them yourself.