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[Method of Implementation] MIPI D-PHY TxRx Interface S-parameter and Impedance Test


This method of implementation (MOI) is intended to provide the measurement procedures for the interface S-parameter and impedance tests defined in the MIPI Alliance Specification for D-PHY. The MOI and test package work with Keysight E5071C ENA Option TDR for efficient measurements.

Revision Number


Measurement Parameters

    • HS-TX Differential Return Loss
    • HS-TX Common-Mode Return Loss
    • HS-TX Mode Conversion Limits
    • HS-TX Single-Ended Output Impedance
    • HS-TX Single-Ended Output Impedance Mismatch
    • HS-RX Differential Return Loss
    • HS-RX Common-Mode Return Loss
    • HS-RX Mode Conversion Limits
    • HS-RX DC Differential Input Impedance (ZID)


Measurement Image

Documents & Downloads

Method of Implementation(MOI) for MIPI D-PHY Interface S-Parameter and Impedance Conformance Tests 
Keysight Method of Implementation (MOI) for MIPI D-PHY Interface S-Parameter and Impedance Conformance Tests Using Keysight E5071C ENA Network Analyzer Option TDR

Application Note 2014-10-10

null PDF 1.07 MB
E5071C-TDR MIPI D-PHY Tx/Rx Interface S-Parameter and Impedance Test Package 
This package includes the E5071C-TDR state files and vba macro software that support the measurements described in the MOI.

Programming Example 2014-10-10

null ZIP 127 KB