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How can I turn on the SUA and its UNIX utility package on Windows® 7 ICT controller?

It is recommended that you DO NOT enable or install SUA. This is an optional feature and utility that is not needed for mapping NFS share. If you have to use the UNIX utility in SUA, click the “Subsystem for UNIX-Based Applications” box (see figure below) to enable SUA.

1. Do not enable and install SUA full package, if you don’t intend to use any UNIX features.
2. Enabling and Installing SUA has been known to cause some issues with MKS NutCracker.
3. Always enable or install SUA before installing any Agilent Medalist i3070 software.

Once SUA enabled, you have to download the SUA full package from the Microsoft site. Here are the steps:

a. Start --> All Programs --> Download Utilities for Subsystem for UNIX-base Application
b. After the Windows download page opens, click -->Continue
c. Select "No,.." then Click -->Continue
d. Select "Utilities and SDK for UNIX-based Applicaions_X86.exe" [Select this is for 32bit OS]
e. Click "Save", and save to hard disk
f. Once the download is completed, click "Run" to install
g. When the Internet Explorer default warning appears, click "Run" to continue
h. When the WinZip Self-Extractor appears, use Browse to select a folder to Unzip program
i. Once program has been unzipped, click "OK" to install
j. Click "Yes" to allow program to run, and when installation starts, click "Next"
k. Click "Next" for Customer Information
l. Select "I accepted the agreement" and "Next"
m. Select "Custom Installation" and "Next"
n. Select “Install only Basic Utilities” and "Next"
o. Enable all three functions and click "Next"
p. Click "Install"
q. Once completed, click "Finish" to complete installation
r. Click “Yes” to restart system

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