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Download Free Application Notes for new Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs)

Wide bandwidth, high resolution AWGs
Measurement needs have driven the development of high-bandwidth AWGs, but they lacked accuracy and high resolution. Until now, AWG technology forced serious trade-offs between either high resolution or wide bandwidth. With the new Keysight M8190A 12 GSa/s arbitrary waveform generator, you will get both in one instrument!

Stay ahead with newest technology
Use this new technology to solve your testing challenges. Whether they include digital modulation or noise-power ratio measurement for WiGig, radar and satellite applications or just a multi-level signal, an arbitrary waveform generator is an excellent choice. The flexibility ensures straightforward adoption of new distortion requirements, allowing you to easily mimic analog real world imperfections.

Available AWG Application Notes:

NEW!  Creating Wideband Phase-Coherent Signals with Multi-Channel AWGs  Coherent multi-channel systems for MIMO, phased-array radar and 5G applications have unique properties that enable beam forming, direction finding and improved reception in a dispersive channel. This application note presents a solution for efficient multi-channel wideband phase-coherent test signals.

Fundamentals of Arbitrary Waveform Generation, AWG Primer This primer discusses characteristics and fundamentals of arbitrary waveform generation and the different implementations available in the market. It also shows examples how to generate digital, multi-level and PAM4 signals, wireless and modulated waveforms, multi-carrier as well as coherent optical signals.

Baseband Up-Conversion to Desired Intermediate Frequency with Regard to Signal Quality and Play Time
Modulation bandwidth are increasing without compromising signal fidelity. this paper compares the different up-conversion methods to get best signal fidelity in the desired frequency range.

Understand MIPI M-PHY Receiver Test Challenges and Solutions - Application This application brief gives an overview of the high speed standards developed by the MIPI alliance and how they are related to each other. It explains the functional principles of the three MIPI PHY-layer standards M-PHY, D-PHY and C-PHY pointing out communalities and differences between them. It then focusses on the test challenges of high speed MIPI receivers and Keysight solutions for MIPI receiver test

Creating up to 12 Phase-Coherent Signals with Multi-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators - Application Brief
Realistic testing of phased-array systems requires clean signals with wide bandwidth. The app brief describes the solution for 12 phase-coherent signals using the M8190A AWG. 

DOCSIS 3.1 Test Solution - Application Brief
This “DOCSIS 3.1 Test Solution" app brief gives insight into Keysight solutions that can be used for testing DOCSIS 3.1 transmitters, receivers and components.

Millimeter Wave Technology and Test Instrumentation for V-E Band Applications - Application Brief
This paper illustrates the challenges when testing RF and micro-Wave devices and offers test and measurements solution proposals to do this effectively.

Creating and Optimizing 802.11ac Signals with the M8190A AWG - Application Note
Designs for 802.11ac WLAN devices require test equipment that can provide the best reference test signals and measurements. N7617B enables this type of signals to be generated with the M8190A AWG.

Pulse Parameter Definitions - Application Note
Here you find the pulse parameter definitions of terms used in the instrument specifications of Pulse Pattern Generators. Model Nos: 81110A, 81111A, 81112A, 81150A, 81160A, 81130A, 81131A, 81132A, 81133A, 81134A, 81180B, M8190A.

Generating radar pulses with maximum bandwidth – Application Brief
This app brief presents compression methods for the M8190A that provide suitably wide bandwidths applications: idle insertion, digital upconversion and DSP-based modification ensuring long playtime.

Solutions for Millimeter Wave Wireless Backhaul – Application Note
Designing and Testing E-Band Backhaul Using Effective Network Analysis, and Signal Generation and Analysis Solutions

High-Speed Broadband Spectroscopy Measurements Advance Molecular Research - Application Note
This application note describes how Keysight’s data conversion technology enables highly accurate rotational spectroscopy for the generation of a precise library of reference spectra.

Enhancing Microwave Spectroscopy in Astrophysics Applications - Application Brief
The basic approach is to use spectroscopy to create a database of “fingerprints” from known gases and then compare the stored readings to those captured with a spectrometer and an AWG.

Creating a Solution for Testing Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum Devices
Discover a fast and flexible solution for testing receivers used in FHSS systems.

Testing Next-Generation Optical Systems with Simulated OFDM Signals
Learn how to create a highly realistic development suite for the design and verification of OFDM-based communication signals in optical applications and elsewhere.

Testing Broadband CATV Amplifiers with True Wideband Channel Rasters
See how a two-instrument system configuration reduces complexity, saves time and provides thorough characterization of wideband amplifiers.

Wideband modulation in 60 GHz communication
Create a complete and flexible solution for WiGig testing. Verify the performance of 802.11ad devices through precise signal simulation and adaptable signal analysis.

Testing transmitters and receivers with pulsed ultra-wideband signals
Simplify testing of high-precision radar systems. Combine signal simulation and signal analysis to characterize the performance of UWB radar systems.

Creating a Radar Threat Simulator and Receiver Calibrator with Precise Angle of Arrival
Use precise control over amplitude and phase for accurate simulations of radar and MIMO signals.

Generate Long Real-World Waveforms
Explore the best memory usage for real-world signals. Understand how to use sequence run and sequence advance modes.

Ultrawideband Radar System Design
Discover a flexible, lower-cost way to validate your system with stimulus/response equipment that is specifically geared toward UWB.

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