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TIS Library for E5270A/B Series

System Requirements:
Operating system -- Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 95. It must be supported by the application development environment and VISA I/O library.
Application development environment (or programming environment) -- Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland C++Builder. It must be supported by the VISA I/O library.
GPIB (IEEE 488) interface and 32-bit VISA I/O library -- Keysight GPIB interface with Keysight IO Libraries or equivalent.
Keysight E5270 VXIplug&play driver -- The driver is required to use the Keysight E5270 TIS library.
Minimum disk space -- 4 MB (2 MB for the Keysight TIS library and 2 MB for VXIplug&play driver)

TIS Library Revision:

Resolved Defects:
The following defect is resolved.

  • The return value of the Measure_bdv TIS command is wrong. The Measure_bdv command returns the BDV_NORMAL status even if the measurement reaches break down voltage.

Installation Instruction:
See the update.txt file included in the zipped file. See the update.txt file included in the zipped file.

Documents & Downloads

E5270A/B TIS Library Rev.A.01.01 

Programming Example 2004-03-20

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