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IO Libraries Suite: What has changed between IO Libraries Suite 16.0.14220.1 and 16.0.14518.0 (Update 1)?

IO Libraries Revisions: Suite 16.0.14220.1 and Suite 16.0.14518.0 Update 1


IO Libraries Suite 16.0.14518.0 Update 1 provides defect fixes, focusing primarily on PXI and HiSLIP. See the list below for complete details.

PXI Related Bug Fixes

  • A performance problem with VISA viMoveInXX, viMoveOutXX and viMove calls has been fixed. The performance problem affected these calls only when they involved FIFO moves to or from PXI devices with VI_ATTR_SRC_INCREMENT or VI_ATTR_DEST_INCREMENT set to 0 (zero).
  • "Not supported" errors are now correctly reported back to VISA for viMoveXX modes that the PXI kernel driver does not support.
  • Calling viOutXX or viInXX on a PXI session no longer changes VI_ATTR_SRC_INCREMENT and VI_ATTR_DEST_INCREMENT back to 1 if they were previously set to 0 (zero).
  • Agilent PXI Resource Manager can now enumerate PXI chassis that are on the PCI root bus (PCI bus number 0).
  • PXI enumeration is now performed correctly on non-English Windows systems; Agilent Connection Expert now displays the correct PXI modules and properties on non-English Windows systems.
  • A defect caused SICL aliases to be removed; this has been repaired.
  • A problem with the VISA viMoveAsync function on the PXI interface has been repaired. The function now obeys VISA locks as it should.
  • On rare occasions, a Windows blue screen failure would occur when a PXI kernel driver was unloaded. This has been repaired.

HiSLIP Related Bug Fixes

  • A defect caused incorrect interrupted error handling for large binary blocks requiring multiple HiSLIP messages. This has been repaired.
  • In rare cases, a defect caused HiSLIP connections to become unresponsive, such that viRead and viWrite returned errors on every call. This has been repaired.
  • HiSLIP device clear now correctly resets the Message ID for the last message sent. This resolves a problem that resulted in failure to unlock a device in rare cases.
  • VISA calls using HiSLIP connections now return VI_ERROR_RSRC_LOCKED when appropriate. A defect previously caused VI_ERROR_IO to be returned rather than VI_ERROR_RSRC_LOCKED in some cases.

Other Bug Fixes

  • The size and layout of the Add LAN Instrument dialog on 1024x768 screen at 120 DPI scale has been improved.
  • The timeout for Web downloads of IO Libraries Suite version information and driver update data has been extended to 30 seconds.

Last Updated: 21January, 2011