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[VBA Sample Program] Max Hold VBA


This sample VBA program provides the Max Hold function on ENA Vector Network Analyzers. The function displays the maximum of any given active measurement simultaneously with the real-time data. The held data is displayed as a memory trace.

Revision Number


Supported functions

  • Max Hold function which can be controlled by GUI or controlled remotely via SCPI commands.

How to install and run this file

  • Refer to the operation manual below.
VBA Image

Known issue: There is a compatibility issue between this MaxHold.vba and ENA Intuilink application software. Recommendation is don’t use Intuilink application software with MaxHold.vba.

Документы и файлы для загрузки

Max Hold VBA Installer 

Образец работы по программированию 2010-03-24

Max Hold VBA Operation Manual 

Руководство пользователя 2010-03-24

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