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What is the static state current consumption for the various Keysight programmable step attenuators?

The Agilent Programmable Step Attenuator offerings consist of the following models: 84904K, 84904L, 84904M, 84905M, 84906K, 84906L, 84907K, 84907L, 84908M, 8494G, 8494H, 8495G, 8495H, 8495K, 8496G, 8496H, 8497K.

Agilent Programmable Step Attenuators require a 20 mS pulse duration to engage a selected attenuator section. Once switched, the sections are latched with permanent magnets. Additionally, integrated current interrupts automatically disconnect the solenoid current. After the solenoid circuit is interrupted the attenuator steady state static current is 0 mA (i.e. null).

For more information about programmable rf step attenuator, please visit Keysight Programmable RF Step Attenuator.