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2009 ADS Users' Group Meeting

ADS User Group Meeting

Agilent EEsof EDA enables design successes through the integration of unique simulation technologies and its intuitive High Frequency and High Speed Digital co-design platform Advanced Design System (ADS). The 2009 ADS users’ group meeting was an opportunity for designers to share best practices and learn about the latest advancements. If you were unable attend these meetings live, this web page is an opportunity for you to discover what was presented and download the user presentations, and technical application notes.

Global Presentations

What’s new in ADS 2009 and ADS 2009 Update 1?

ADS integrated 3D EM design flow

Users Presentations

MASSY - 16 June 2009

Millimeter-wave building blocks design methodology in CMOS 65nm process; Baudouin Martineau, STMicroelectronics

A 8W high efficiency X-band power pHEMPT amplifier design; Véronique Serru, UMS

X-parameters theory and applications; Arnaud Soury, Agilent

BOBLINGEN - 14/15 May 2009

40 Gbps Optical Receiver Signal Path Design; Karsten Drögemüller, IX-CAD

Using EMDS for ADS for 3D structures simulation; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Gustrau, FH Dortmund

Developing reliable device models using ADS; Dr. Gneiting, Admos & Dr. Sischka, Agilent Technologies

Design methodology for contactless smartcard systems in ADS; M. Gossar, TU Graz / NXP Semiconductors

Design of Microwave Power Amplifier with ADS; Daniel Gruner, TU Berlin

UWB receiver front end design with ADS; Oleksiy Klymenko, IHP

SI optimization of complex memory bus systems; Ruckerbauer, EyeKnowHow

ROME - 13 May 2009

ADS time domain simulation with equivalent digital wave networks; Flavio Maggioni, NSN

Use of equivalent circuits for the analysis of signal/power integrity problems; F. de Paulis & A. Orlandi, Univ. of L’Aquila

Design of a SiGe BiCMOS LNA for 24-GHz UWB Automotive Radar; E. Ragonese & G. Palmisano, Univ. of Catania & STMicroelectronics


X-Parameters for non-linear modeling & simulation:

Solutions for Characterizing and Designing Linear / Nonlinear Active Devices

Signal Integrity:

Designing for Signal Integrity with Advanced Design System

Signal Integrity Simulation of PCI Express Gen 2 Channel

Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 1: Single-Port TDR, TDR/TDT, & 2-Port TDR

Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 2: 4-Port TDR/VNA/PLTS

Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 3: The ABCs of De-Embedding

Practical Analysis of Backplane Vias

3D Electromagnetic:

State of the Art in EM Software for Microwave Engineers

W2342 EMDS G2 Element (EMDS integation with ADS)

Electromagnetic Simulation:

QFN Package

Single and Multiple Band Microstrip Planar Array Antenna

Wireless Network Card Antenna Design

Contactor Design in High Volume RF Test Fixtures

BGA Package Simulation

High Speed Connector Modeling with EMPro

High Speed SATA Connector Modeling with EMPro

Solder/Wafer Bumps for Flip Chip, CPS, and WLP Applications

Dielectric Bricks, Laminates, LTCC 3D EM Simulations

Mechanical Shield for RF/MW Circuit Designs

An Oscillator Design Flow with Integrated 3D EM