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Welcome to the Power of Wireless. You face increasing technical and operational complexity. Keysight’s wireless design and test solutions help you anticipate these growing complexities so you can accelerate your ability to achieve both engineering and business goals faster. The Power to Accelerate Wireless Design and Test.

NEW Solutions Application Notes

  • New! Solutions for 802.11p Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Measurements - Accelerating Design and Test of 802.11p Devices for the Connected Car Using A Range of Flexible, High-Performance Solutions
  • New! Solutions for Design and Evaluation of 5G Candidate Waveforms - Using Simulation to Gain Deeper Insight Into 5G Communication Systems and Their Waveforms
  • New! Solutions for Testing Femtocells in Manufacturing - Financially Viable Femtocell Use for a Consumer Market with Low Cost of Devices Per-unit and Manufacturers Able to Produce Femtocells in High Volume, Quickly with a Low Cost of Test
  • New! Solutions for Testing Data Throughput Performance in LTE-A User Equipment - Simplified, Real-World Functional and RF Test of LTE-A UE Performance Using a Fast, Flexible and Future-Ready One-Box Tester
  • New! Solutions for WLAN 802.11ac Manufacturing Test - Testing 802.11ac Client and Infrastructure Devices Using a Fast, Flexible and Cost-Effective Calibration and Non-Signaling Verification Solution

Additional available Power of Wireless application note categories include:

Solutions for Cellular (LTE, LTE-A, HSPA, W-CDMA, etc.)
Including the app note

Solutions for Implementing Envelope Tracking in Power Amplifiers – Fast and Efficient Configuration and Test of Envelope Tracking Systems From R&D to Design Verification and Into Production—Using a Range of Flexible and Accurate Hardware and Software Solutions

22 App Notes to date

Solutions for MIMO, Wireless Connectivity (WLAN, WiMAX, Bluetooth, etc.) and General Wireless
Including the app note

Solutions for Emerging 4G and WLAN Communication Systems - Making Digital Pre-Distortion with Memory Effects Fast and Practical for all Engineers

14 App Notes to date

Solutions for Component Test with New X-Parameters
Including the app note

Solutions for Memory Effects in Microwave Components - X-Parameters to Characterize and Model Long-Term Memory Effects of Wideband Modulated Signals

7 App Notes to date

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